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What to expect during our Security and Safety Private Drone Show:

Dynamic product presentation

Attend dynamic demonstrations and test products in real-life conditions.

SafeTech's major advantage lies in the fact that everyone can test the products and attend dynamic demonstrations, reproducing scenarios close to real-life conditions. This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself the capabilities of our different solutions.

RETEX conferences

What could be more instructive than user feedback? Various public safety services will present their methodology and the application of drones in their missions.

Manufacturers' conferences

Take part in conferences organized by our partners to explore their brands and solutions.

Static product presentation

Discover a wide range of technological products, from ultra-light 249 g mini UAVs to powerful 65 kg transport UAVs.

Explore impressive VTOLs measuring several meters large, as well as underwater ROVs capable of diving to depths of up to 300 meters. Navigate through our land rovers designed to access the most inaccessible areas. All our products are provided by the world's leading manufacturers.

Drone piloting tests

In addition to test flights, come and take part in the various piloting challenges on offer to test your skills on the latest generation of innovative products. The bests will be rewarded!

Specialized workshops

Photogrammetry, Thermography, People finding, Fire detection, Inspection, Surveillance... Take part in specialized workshops to enhance your experience.

Indoor tactical drones

Join us for indoor tactical flight demonstrations and put your skills to the test in confined spaces. An indoor flying zone will be set up on the runway specially dedicated to this activity.

Anti-drone measures

Explore innovative solutions for detection, jamming and many other applications...

Security and Defense training

Come and discover the drone training courses specific to the public safety professions offered by Flying Eye Formation.

If you want to participate:

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Practical information:

On-site catering (Food-trucks)

20 minutes from Paris-Orly

Private parking lots

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